About Us

Blackbuck started up in 2011 with a clear international mission and with the intention of dressing young people who are engaged with their environment, who live in the community and relate to each other. Young people who have a casual dress sense, who shun stereotypes and who want to feel good in whatever they are wearing. To meet their needs, Blackbuck takes the latest international trends, mixing them with the influences that are seen on the street and in the most fashionable clubs, and reworks them according to their style thus turning them into comfortable and easy to wear garments.

Blackbuck evolves at the same pace as its customer, always watching out for new technologies, social movements and the latest artistic or musical trends. All of this can be seen reflected not only in its designs but also in stores. Inspired by the legendary Californian city of Palm Springs, the product lines are constantly being updated. All stores worldwide receive new merchandise twice a week.


Blackbuck has two completely different lines for both guys and girls. On one hand, teenagers will find the more casual lines in stores in the form of sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans, Bermuda shorts, plimsolls and hats, where cotton is the main fabric.

The second line is directed at more adult male and female consumers who have grown up with the brand. For them Blackbuck creates garments that are inspired by the latest international trends for both daytime and evening wear, and that can be worn at work and during leisure time. This line adapts these trends to the needs of Blackbuck customers, making them more relaxed and turning them into easy-to-wear garments.

The textile collection is backed up by the footwear, accessory, jewellery, fragrance and sunglasses lines.